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Which of my debts should get top priority?

Falling into debt is a common problem. First, simply making ends meet every month can be a challenge. But often people find themselves with steep debts caused by medical expenses, a divorce or the loss of a job. And eventually, these debts can have a devastating effect on both your long-term financial prospects and your emotional well-being.

Can creditors take my personal assets if I declare bankruptcy?

Starting a business requires a generous amount of two things: time and money. While some startups strike it rich (Google),Forbes reports that 90% of startups never get off the ground. Sometimes a failed startup can merely sell off its inventory, shut down its website and hand in the office keys. Other times, a company may find itself in dire financial straits. When your company cannot meet payroll, has no way to pay its vendors and has no idea where to get more funds, it may be time consider declaring bankruptcy.

Considering the effect of bankruptcy on a debtor’s credit score

Those who find themselves in a position to begin considering the possibility of filing for bankruptcy are most likely well aware of what their credit score is, and the impact of credit score on one’s overall financial health. The reality is that one’s credit score does have an enormous affect on one’s financial life.

Dealing with debt outside bankruptcy: consider your options before filing

For struggling debtors, addressing the problem of burdensome debt can be a challenge, not only because of the lack of financial resources, but also because it can be confusing to determine the best way to deal with the debt itself. Certainly, bankruptcy can be an option if thing get bad enough, but bankruptcy is not something to take likely and it is better in some cases to work to avoid it.

Credit management: Lafayette scores well compared to other LA metro areas

As readers are well aware, the holiday season tends to put a dent in everybody’s pocketbook. For many people, a lot of the seasonal spending is put on credit cards. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, of course, but indiscriminate use of credit cards can obviously result in mounting financial problems.

Discharging credit card debt in bankruptcy: are there any limits?

Holiday season is here. It is a time to slow life down, to appreciate and celebrate the family and friends in our lives. Carefully selecting and giving them the perfect gift is one way to show your gratitude for all they have done to support you. You give them a gift to make their lives brighter.


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