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Debt relief: What to do if a loan application is rejected

Louisiana consumers who are going through tough financial times may try various options to regain financial stability. Applying for a personal loan is likely one of the first remedies sought to obtain debt relief. However, many loan applications are not successful, and those already anxious about their financial situations may stress even more, not knowing how to resolve the problem.

Debt relief: The pros and cons of debt negotiation

Times can be tough financially, especially following the holidays, and debt loads may overwhelm some Louisiana consumers. While many people know about the protection offered by personal bankruptcy, some prefer to try alternative options before filing for bankruptcy. Fortunately, help is available to guide them through choosing other debt relief options.

Can minimum credit card payments bring debt relief?

Louisiana consumers with credit card debt who suffered job losses, wage cuts or other financial emergencies will likely be looking for methods to remedy their dire situations. Different debt relief options may suit the circumstances of some, but none of them is a quick fix. Careful consideration is necessary because the chosen method may cause even more hardship as time goes by, and to compare the available options with the protection offered by the U.S. Bankruptcy code may be informative.

Debt relief options to consider before filing for bankruptcy

As in other states, many consumers in Louisiana struggle to pay debts that have become overwhelming. There are several ways to achieve debt relief, though some are more effective than others. Typically, a debt settlement company collects payments from the consumer and negotiates a settlement with the creditor. Once an agreement is reached, the accumulated payments held in a dedicated account are used to pay the creditor.

Debt relief: Can auto loan debt settlement prevent repossession?

Even the most frugal residents of Louisiana can develop financial difficulties. Many people have no emergency savings, and the start of a debt spiral could be only a job loss or an unanticipated medical crisis away. When this happens, it is only natural for a person to evaluate the situation and consider seeking debt relief.

Surprise medical bills: understand how to avoid them, as well as options for relief, P.2

In a previous post, we began looking at the issue of surprise medical bills, and medical debt in general. As we noted, it is important for consumers of health care services to understand the coverage their plan offers and to be careful about selecting in-network providers.

Surprise medical bills: understand how to avoid them, as well as options for relief, P.1

As we quickly approach open enrollment season, many people are taking time to assess their options when it comes to health insurance. In the last week or so, headlines are popping up talking about the increase in premiums for exchange plans under the Affordable Care Act. As we are finding out, more young people are opting to forego health insurance because of the high costs and to pay the federal fine instead, taking their chances on avoiding the extra costs.

Study: total credit card debt reaches all time high in United States

Credit cards can be a useful financial tool, if they are used wisely, but they can also be a quick way to financial ruin if they are used indiscriminately or in desperation. Unfortunately, many people do not have a healthy relationship with credit cards, and this can be seen in the latest findings on credit card debt.

Modification of Chapter 13 repayment plan, P.2

In our last post, we began looking at the topic of modifying a Chapter 13 repayment plan. We’ve already looked briefly at some of the permissible grounds for modifying a repayment plan under federal bankruptcy law. Here we wanted to briefly mention some of the substantive requirements for modification.


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