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Chapter 11 may provide helping hand to struggling businesses

When financial troubles hit, it can sometimes prove immensely difficult to get back on track quickly. Unfortunately, the longer the problems persist, the more likely it is that business owners will not be able to address their outstanding debts on their own. Before throwing in the towel, however, Louisiana business owners may want to consider Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

More shoe stores are filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Running a business tends to have its difficulties. Even when companies reach a certain level of success, owners still understand that there are risks around every corner. Unfortunately for some, financial issues could quickly arise that leave Louisiana businesses and those elsewhere struggling. As a result, they need debt assistance available through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Struggling businesses may consider Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Many people pursue business ventures because they have a passion or lifelong dream. In some cases, these companies may find success for a time, but they may also come to face financial hardship. As a result, some businesses may need to seek debt relief through Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Gun manufacturer Remington files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

There may be many reasons a company, corporation or other business entity suffers from financial hardship. Whether it's due to declining sales, intense competition or any other reason, Louisiana owners likely have multiple options available to deal with such stresses. A common choice among proprietors across the country, such as gun manufacturer Remington, is to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Nine West makes plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

When businesses start amassing significant debts, owners must make tough decisions regarding their finances. One option that many companies in Louisiana and across the country choose to make is to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Nine West Holdings, Inc. is reportedly closing in on a deal that will include filing for bankruptcy in the near future.

Major oil refinery files for bankruptcy

There are many reasons a Louisiana business could face economic hardships. In some cases, factors beyond the owner's control may be the cause of the financial struggle. When these problems take a significant toll on a company, owners may choose to explore various options such as bankruptcy. A large East Coast oil refinery recently made the decision to file.

Bankruptcy may benefit companies before they lose profits

Most people are aware that businesses failing to bring in profits may need to seek outside help to fix their financial situations. However, experts have reported that many businesses, retailers in particular, have chosen to file for bankruptcy before the company begins losing money. This may be a helpful option for Louisiana business owners who are looking to cut down debts.

Accessories retailer Charming Charlie files for Chapter 11

Though some businesses may flourish on their own, others may need some assistance. When Louisiana business owners discover their company failing to live up to expectations, they must make serious financial decisions. One option is to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, as the accessories chain Charming Charlie recently did.

America's 2nd largest radio company files for bankruptcy

Often, when a Louisiana resident hears of a company filing for bankruptcy, they imagine a retailer or a chain restaurant. Though bankruptcies can certainly benefit these entities, many other types of businesses may find financial relief from bankruptcy as well. For example, a radio company in another state recently chose to file Chapter 11.

Styles for Less files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Many businesses in Louisiana and across the country have found their profits diminishing over the last few years. This seems to be particularly true for the retail industry. To help cope with these losses and to better organize their financial structure, many businesses choose to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Teen apparel chain Styles for Less recently made the decision to file.


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