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Can I keep any property under a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Many people avoid looking into the benefits bankruptcy can offer because they suffer from false impressions of what a bankruptcy actually does or how it works. Thousands of individuals throughout the country may qualify for one or more forms of bankruptcy, but their fears over the difficulty of undergoing a bankruptcy keep them from finding out what bankruptcy might do for them. In many cases, some people do not realize that much of their property may enjoy exemptions from one form of bankruptcy or another.

Credit card debt and your college years: A way out

College is an exciting time for many people, but it can also lead to an excessive amount of debt. Many teens and young adults don't fully understand the implications of taking on debt. They're promised a strong financial future with a job in their field, so even though they don't have it yet, it seems like everything will work out later on.

Teens in debt: How to eliminate debt for a strong future

It's easy to obtain credit cards and other forms of credit as a teen, especially once you reach 18. You may begin to receive credit card offers in the mail, offers for car loans and other forms of credit. While you have every right to apply for and open these accounts, doing so without the financial knowledge necessary to manage them can leave you in financial trouble later.


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