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Medical debt creates additional struggles for patients

| Apr 16, 2020 | Chapter 7 |

When a sick or injured individual needs medical attention, the primary concern is about getting the right type of help as soon as possible. Weeks or months after getting care, a patient and family may be dealing with a new kind of struggle as the bills start to come in. Medical debt is a major concern for those in Louisiana with medical issues, even with insurance.

Medical billing can be complex, and patients are often left dealing with the responsibility of making sure the numbers are accurate. This can be quite difficult, especially when dealing with insurance companies and keeping track of medical records. It is a significant administrative endeavor simply to know what one owes and which services the bills are for. It is easy to become lost in the process, unsure of what is owed and whether it’s possible to fight the exorbitant amounts.

Medical bills are a problem for many in Louisiana. This problem is particularly prevalent in cases involving serious illness or an extensive hospitalization. Even after the death of a loved one, families are often left trying to figure out medical coding and knowing what the bills are for. Most of the cases, bills come separately for different services, such as for anesthesia, respiratory therapy and more.

Dealing with the complication of medical debt is an addition trauma for families and patients who have already been through so much. These balances are often higher than what many can afford to pay. In some cases, it may be appropriate to consider filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in order to deal with some of these balances once and for all.

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