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Could credit card debt lead to jail time?

| Apr 20, 2020 | Chapter 7 |

Many consequences can affect a Louisiana consumer’s life when he or she is unable to meet financial obligations. This is particularly true for individuals who have a significant amount of credit card debt. In addition to accumulating interest and growing balances, creditors may take action to collect payment. There is often confusion over the rights of creditors and what they can do, such as sending a debtor to jail or taking his or her property.

One of the first things creditors do when trying to collect on a debt is contact the debtor. They may start calling, and eventually, these attempts at getting payment can become aggressive. Creditors may become hostile, threaten various consequences and try to convince the consumer that he or she must pay immediately. There may also be the direct threat or indirect hint of possibly having the debtor arrested.

Creditors do not have the right to threaten jail time to a person who is behind on his or her credit card debt. If this happens, the creditor is actually breaking certain laws and violating the debtor’s personal rights. While they cannot jail someone over unpaid debt, there are other legal ways creditors can compel payment.

Overwhelming credit card debt can be difficult to manage. A Louisiana consumer may be unsure that he or she will ever get ahead and effectively deal with these balances. In these cases, it may be possible to deal with this type of debt once and for all by filing for bankruptcy.  This process allows an applicant to discharge unpaid balances and enjoy an immediate reprieve from creditor contact and harassment.

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