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Credit card debt and medical debt often coincide

| Dec 20, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Many people in Louisiana are unprepared for a medical emergency. Most do not have the savings to cover medical expenses, and even with insurance, an unexpected health care need can lead to bills they cannot pay. Some people use their credit cards to pay for medical bills, leading to an accumulation of credit card debt.

Approximately one-third of those who have credit card debt say their balances are high because of their medical bills. When polled, around 60% of this number say they used their cards because they had no other way to pay. Instead, they may be making minimum payments on their credit card bills, which in turn leads to an accumulation of interest and growing balances.

It is certainly possible for credit card balances to grow beyond a manageable point. Whether it is because of medical bills or other reasons, credit cards are one of the most common types of consumer debt. Sometimes, it may be possible to transfer these balances to another type of low-interest card, or it may be possible to use a card solely designated for health care expenses. Some hospitals and medical facilities may be willing to negotiate payments and balances.

If these things do not work, a Louisiana consumer may find it beneficial to consider a long-term solution to his or her credit card debt and medical debt problem. One solution may be to file for bankruptcy protection. While this is rarely the first choice, it could offer the opportunity to deal with some types of balances once and for all, eventually emerging to a better and stronger financial future.

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