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Debt relief may help with emotional struggles caused by finances

| Nov 13, 2019 | Debt Relief |

The old adage says that money cannot buy happiness. However, most people who are financially secure do feel less stress and anxiety in regard to their money-related affairs than those are who not. In fact, significant debt can have serious emotional effects, and Louisiana residents who are struggling may want to look into debt relief options.

Unfortunately, if parties are struggling with their debt, they have a higher chance of suffering from anxiety and depression. In fact, one study showed that individuals in financial distress are twice as likely to face these issues. Those with high debt may worry that they will never get out from under this burden and may also feel hopeless because they are so overwhelmed by their financial problems.

It is also common for individuals’ relationships to suffer because of significant debt. Parties may resent those who continually contribute to the debt or who may have experienced job loss or another incident that led to more debt. Money disputes are a common cause of conflict in marriages. It is also possible for individuals to resent themselves for getting into such a difficult financial position.

When parties are already feeling down, it can be difficult to see how to reach a better financial future. Fortunately, there are ways that Louisiana residents can help themselves address their situations and, hopefully, find debt relief that allows them to feel more emotionally uplifted as well. Discussing bankruptcy with experienced attorneys could help concerned individuals determine whether this route could help them bring their financial struggles to an end.

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