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Is filing for bankruptcy more than once an option?

| Sep 2, 2019 | Chapter 7 |

Any Louisiana resident could be hit with financial problems at any time. Even if individuals are able to get back on track after an initial bout with such difficulties, it is not uncommon for these problems to come back again. As a result, some parties may consider filing for bankruptcy a second or subsequent time.

Some people may be considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy after having already gone through the bankruptcy process at least once. However, there are restrictions regarding how soon a person could file another petition. For example, if a person filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and is working to pay off those associated debts, he or she would need to wait at least six years before filing for Chapter 7.

When it comes to filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy after already completing this process, individuals must wait eight years before filing again. If an individual already completed a Chapter 7 case and wants to begin a Chapter 13 case, that person would need to wait four years after the discharge of the Chapter 7 case. It may also be worth remembering that additional restrictions on filing for bankruptcy could apply if a person did not successfully complete a previous bankruptcy case.

Though bankruptcy can certainly be a helpful avenue for dealing with substantial debt, multiple filings could become more complicated. Louisiana residents who feel as if they may need to file another petition may want to gain reliable information on this option. Because additional stipulations may need to be met, interested parties may wish to discuss their eligibility with experienced attorneys.

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