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August 2019 Archives

Debt relief could start with putting an end to creditor calls

Accumulating a considerable amount of debt is stressful for many reasons. Some Louisiana residents may worry that they will not be able to afford their basic needs, and on top of that, creditors may be calling in attempts to collect the unpaid balances. While many people hope to ignore creditor calls for as long as possible, knowing their rights may help them handle the situation as they search for debt relief.

Bankruptcy can be a viable debt relief option for many

Most Louisiana residents do not picture themselves in situations where they are overwhelmed due to financial issues. In fact, it is typically the hope that individuals will be financially stable. Of course, financial stability does not come to everyone, and debt relief is often needed by many.

Misusing credit cards could present need for debt relief

Many people utilize credit cards for various reasons. Numerous Louisiana residents may have a card for emergencies, to use for specific purchases to earn points or to use in efforts to build their credit. Unfortunately for some, credit card use can get out of hand and leave them needing debt relief.

Chapter 11 filing comes after refinery fire

Companies could face financial setbacks for any number of reasons. While many businesses are able to bounce back from a setback, others are not so fortunate. As a result, they may file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy assistance in efforts to keep their companies operational. Unfortunately, additional issues could lead to filing for bankruptcy again.


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