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July 2019 Archives

Considering bankruptcy when credit scores are a concern

The best decision for a given situation is not always obvious. In many cases, there are pros and cons that come along with each option that make it difficult to know what course of action would offer more help than harm. For some Louisiana residents, choosing to file for bankruptcy is one of these tough decisions because they worry about the harm that could come to their credit.

Bankruptcy is different but often helpful for each person

Struggling financially is a different experience for each person. Some Louisiana residents may want to try to find solutions to their money problems on their own, and others may want help in finding the right debt relief path. In some cases, that path could lead to bankruptcy.

Charming Charlie retail store closing locations during Chapter 11

Running a business comes with many risks. Even after years of beneficial outcomes, companies could end up in difficult financial predicaments. It is not uncommon for business owners to consider filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy in efforts to address the financial problems that have befallen their companies.

Numerous life events could lead to the need for bankruptcy

Many Louisiana residents may feel embarrassed when they face financial problems. Unfortunately, numerous people find themselves in this type of predicament due to circumstances they cannot control. As a result, it is not unusual for bankruptcy to be an option they take advantage of in hopes of getting their financial affairs back on track.

Settlement may not be the debt relief option many hope for

Struggling with significant financial problems can make anyone feel desperate. Louisiana residents with this issue may look at numerous routes that promise debt relief but worry about which could be right for them. Having this worry is understandable as some options, like debt settlement, are not always as promising as they may seem.

Keeping your home while filing bankruptcy

One of the most common concerns that come up when a person considers bankruptcy is whether or not they can keep their home while discharging their debts. Often, individuals considering bankruptcy believe that they must sacrifice all of their possessions in order to discharge debts, but this is rarely the case.


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