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June 2019 Archives

Bankruptcy will affect credit but does not cause permanent damage

For many Louisiana residents, their finances may have them starting each day off with dread. They may worry that creditors will call, that they will not have enough funds to buy necessities or that their credit cards will be declined. Though bankruptcy is a step that helps many people address this type of ordeal, it is common for parties to worry about how it will affect their credit.

IRA protections when seeking debt relief

Having financial difficulties is one of the more challenging aspects of life to handle. To those who have considerable debt, it may seem as if their money problems are holding them back from everything in life. Though bankruptcy could be a debt relief option to consider, some Louisiana residents may worry that it could wipe out funds in their retirement accounts and create greater turmoil.

Self-assessment during bankruptcy can help now and in the future

Many Louisiana residents may have a hard time with self-assessment. Understandably, it can be difficult to look at a situation objectively and fully understand how it came to be. Numerous people who face serious financial problems may wonder exactly what happened that led them down this road. Though the answer may not be immediately obvious, it will likely be discovered during bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy trustee important to Chapter 13 cases

Deciding to take a major step to address outstanding debt is an important event. Many Louisiana residents struggle financially before choosing to move forward with Chapter 13 bankruptcy in efforts to get their affairs in order. While understanding this type of procedure can be difficult, one aspect that individuals may want to familiarize themselves with is the bankruptcy trustee.


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