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Bankruptcy requires honesty and hard work

| May 14, 2019 | Chapter 7 |

Many Louisiana residents struggle with debt for a long time before taking significant steps to address their financial issues. For some, filing for bankruptcy may be the course of action they choose to take. Of course, some parties may be hesitant to move forward with such a serious process, but having the right information may help reduce some of that fear.

When filing for bankruptcy, individuals will need to disclose a considerable amount of information about themselves and their finances. During this process, it is vital that parties are honest and disclose all of their assets and their debts. If a person attempts to hide certain information or to intentionally provide false information, his or her bankruptcy case will likely prove unsuccessful, and the situation could even warrant criminal charges.

Of course, most people do want to honestly complete their bankruptcy cases in order to find much-needed debt relief. These parties will have a lot of work cut out for them as there are many forms and documents necessary for the completion of the legal proceedings, and they can be difficult to fill out. Mistakes with paperwork could throw a bankruptcy case off track.

Fortunately, Louisiana residents do not have to try to work through all of the complicated steps associated with bankruptcy on their own. Legal professionals experienced in this process are available to help interested individuals. Having this assistance could ensure that concerned parties obtain reliable and applicable information regarding their specific cases and also ensure that the correct steps are taken as needed.

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