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Charitable organization helps with medical debt relief

| Dec 27, 2018 | Debt Relief |

Suffering from a medical emergency or chronic condition can take its toll in many ways. Louisiana residents’ quality of life may suffer, and they will likely also have to contend with seemingly insurmountable medical bills. Often, these expenses can become so difficult to address that parties need some form of debt relief.

It was recently reported that a charitable organization called RIP Medical Debt works to tackle this type of issue. The nonprofit organization uses donations to buy portfolios of outstanding balances related to medical expenses. Though debt collectors also purchase such portfolios, the charitable organization pays off the balances rather than attempting to collect from those who owe. They are then able to inform the individuals that their debt has been paid off.

The company started four years ago, and since then, they have reportedly been able to help over 250,000 people by eliminating approximately $475 million in outstanding medical bills. The CEO for the organization stated that their actions are a no-strings-attached gift. However, the charity cannot target specific individuals to assist as they buy bulk portfolios from hospitals or investors and can only help those whose debt is included in those portfolios.

While this organization’s actions are certainly admirable, most people cannot rely on a random act of kindness to eliminate their outstanding medical bills. When it comes to finding debt relief, struggling Louisiana residents may want to consider their other available options. In particular, bankruptcy may be able to help qualifying individuals address their medical expenses and other serious debt issues.

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