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December 2018 Archives

Debt relief: Credit can be rebuilt after bankruptcy

Many Louisiana residents worry about the state of their finances. It is also not unusual for people to worry about how certain debt relief options, like bankruptcy, may negatively affect their credit. However, credit can be rebuilt, and bankruptcy often has more benefits than negative repercussions.

Charitable organization helps with medical debt relief

Suffering from a medical emergency or chronic condition can take its toll in many ways. Louisiana residents' quality of life may suffer, and they will likely also have to contend with seemingly insurmountable medical bills. Often, these expenses can become so difficult to address that parties need some form of debt relief.

Children's retailer considering 2nd Chapter 11 filing

Bankruptcy is not just an option for individual people who are struggling financially. Businesses that have fallen on hard financial times also have bankruptcy options, such as Chapter 11. In many cases, this route can help businesses continue operating as they address the issues plaguing their companies.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy could help parties keep their homes

When dealing with the hardships of debt, Louisiana residents may spend a great deal of their time looking for ways to get out from under that debt. Some options may seem appealing but have questionable reliability. Of course, Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers a legal way to address outstanding debt through repayment plans.

Media company files for Chapter 11 due to lien issues, other debt

Economic turns, popularity trends and numerous other factors can impact the financial success of businesses. In some cases, companies may do well for a considerable amount of time, but later find that their numbers are not as good as they used to be. It is not unusual for serious financial hardships to result, and companies may need Chapter 11 bankruptcy help.


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