Running a business is the dream of many people in Louisiana and other parts of the country. Some parties may take the long and complicated steps of opening their businesses and feel a sense of accomplishment. Of course, any company could face financial hardships that can send the business spiraling, and may need the help of Chapter 11 bankruptcy to keep the operations underway.

This type of scenario recently affected a business in another state. Reports indicated that the company had been founded in 1880 and had produced and sold salt water taffy and other candy and sweets. More recently, the company has seen fewer sales and an increase in business costs, and as a result, it has not remained as profitable as it once did.

These hardships have led to the business to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This action will allow it to remain in business and continue selling products while working to reorganize debt and pay back creditors. It was noted that the company has seen a decline in sales by 23 percent in the last year and a half, but the exact financial liabilities were not listed in the report.

When companies struggle, owners may worry that they will have to close their doors. Fortunately, Chapter 11 bankruptcy can often offer a viable route for addressing outstanding debts while also keeping businesses running. If Louisiana business owners are feeling the strain of creditor issues, they may wish to gain more information on this debt relief avenue and whether it could suit their needs.