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July 2017 Archives

Credit card users may still find debt relief

Credit cards can be great tools for Louisiana residents to build credit and easily pay for goods and services. For some, however, owning credit cards may lead to excess spending and severe debt. Luckily, there are many ways a person struggling from financial problems may be able to find debt relief.

Alfred Angelo Bridal files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Louisiana business owners who find their companies struggling financially may have several options to help deal with debt. When facing severe financial trouble, many owners turn to one of the various forms of bankruptcy for assistance. Popular wedding dress retailer Alfred Angelo Bridal recently made the decision to file for Chapter 7.

Teens in debt: How to eliminate debt for a strong future

It's easy to obtain credit cards and other forms of credit as a teen, especially once you reach 18. You may begin to receive credit card offers in the mail, offers for car loans and other forms of credit. While you have every right to apply for and open these accounts, doing so without the financial knowledge necessary to manage them can leave you in financial trouble later.

Debt relief still possible for those in medical debt

Whether resulting from a surprise trip to the emergency room after an accident or because of problems associated with an ongoing medical condition, many Louisiana residents have found themselves in debt. Overwhelming medical bills have become a serious problem across the country, leaving people unsure of how to handle their finances. Luckily, several debt relief options may be available.

Clothing retailer True Religion files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

When businesses in Louisiana and other states find themselves in financial trouble, owners may not know where to turn. Many clothing retailers in particular have found themselves struggling financially over the past few years. Whether due to problems adapting to the growing demand of online sales or a decline in demand for product, this has led several of them to choose to file for bankruptcy. Jeans designer and retailer True Religion has become one of the most recent companies to make that decision.

Bankruptcy could help take control of credit card debt

For many Louisiana residents, using credit cards has become a normal part of everyday life. However, the ease of access credit cards provide for users also makes amassing debt easier. Those facing overwhelming amounts of debt may decide to explore all their options in regards to taking control of their debt. Bankruptcy is one possible solution some may choose for relief.


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