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May 2017 Archives

Retailers can use Chapter 11 to regain financial stability

The many aspects of running a business can be challenging for a great deal of business owners. Those in the retail industry have especially suffered from serious debt recently. When Louisiana proprietors find that their debt outweighs their profits, they must begin looking for solutions to deal with their financial problems. Over the course of this year, multiple retailers have discovered a solution through filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Many hospitals have found financial relief through Chapter 11

Often, when people hear of organizations filing for bankruptcy, they imagine retailers, restaurants or other similar businesses. However, other types of organizations can also benefit from filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy to help manage the debts that they face. A number of healthcare organizations have recently made the decision to file over the course of this year.

Debt relief could still be possible for those without savings

Financial debt has become commonplace in the lives of many Louisiana residents. Credit cards and how they are used often play a significant role in a person's finances and can easily lead to monetary problems. Luckily, those facing these types of financial issues often have several options for debt relief available to them.

Louisiana millennials may benefit from Chapter 7 bankruptcy

A study conducted by the Urban Institute showed that the millennial generation is just as likely, if not more so, to suffer from serious medical debt. This can be an overwhelming situation for many Louisiana residents. Fortunately, there could be several options available to combat the debt, such as filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy could help decrease credit card debt

Credit card debt can be a heavy burden for some Louisiana residents. However, dealing with significant debt does not have to be overwhelming. When debt gets to be too much to handle, those in debt may want to look into the different financial relief options available to them. Chapter 13 bankruptcy could be one possible solution.

Gander Mountain retailer files for Chapter 11

Unfortunately, Louisiana businesses sometimes do not perform as well as owners anticipate. When a company fails to bring in profit, owners may amass significant debt. One way to handle the debt is to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Gander Mountain, a nationwide outdoor recreation retailer, recently made the decision to file.

Can you keep your home and car after filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

One of the reasons many people delay filing bankruptcy is a fear that they will lose all their assets. In particular, people tend to worry about their personal vehicles, which they may need to work, and their homes. Thankfully, the state of Louisiana has common sense laws in place when it comes to the amount of property that a person filing for bankruptcy can retain. If you worry about the potential sale or seizure or your assets when filing bankruptcy, speaking with an experienced Louisiana bankruptcy attorney is your best option. Your attorney can help you understand your options and exemptions.

Bankruptcy could provide debt relief to Louisiana residents

There are myths surrounding bankruptcy that may make some Louisiana residents hesitant to file. However, these myths may cause people to miss out on a helpful debt relief option. Bankruptcy can be a useful tool in difficult financial situations where people are facing overwhelming amounts of debt. Rather than struggle for an indefinite amount of time to pay off significant debt, many may benefit from filing for one of the various forms of bankruptcy.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy saves Erickson Incorporated

Global aviation services provider Erickson Incorporated recently successfully emerged from the protection of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. After several months of negotiations, the company reportedly satisfied the conditions of their reorganization plan. Like Erickson Incorporated, many struggling Louisiana businesses may benefit from filing this type of bankruptcy.


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