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April 2017 Archives

Debt relief still possible for those facing credit card debt

There are many reasons Louisiana residents may be facing financial hardships. One of the top reasons is often due to credit card debt. Luckily, those who are dealing with this problem may still have several debt relief options available. Among other solutions, bankruptcy could provide relief for some to begin regaining financial stability.

Will I still have debt after filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an aggressive and effective means of relieving debt. Those who file are able to have various debts discharged; meaning a person no longer has to pay them. This can alleviate much of the anxiety, fear and frustration you are likely feeling if you are buried in debt.

Clothing retailer Gymboree to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy

When Louisiana businesses begin to struggle financially, owners must consider all possible solutions to ensure their businesses remain open. One option owners may consider is Chapter 11 bankruptcy. With a substantial interest payment ahead, children's clothing retailer Gymboree is reportedly preparing to file for bankruptcy in the near future.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy could help solve financial problems

There are likely many reasons a person may acquire a significant amount of debt, including overspending, the cost of medical treatment or any other host of unforeseen financial emergencies that must be dealt with. While some Louisiana residents may be able to easily pay off these debts, that may not be the case for others. For those who have trouble paying, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the solution.

Rue21 to file for bankruptcy

When Louisiana business owners find themselves owing a significant amount of money with no way to easily pay it off, they may worry about having to shut down their business. This may not be necessary, however. One alternative owners could investigate is Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which could save them from having to close stores. News sources indicate that clothing retailer Rue21 will likely make utilize this method to regain financial stability.

Paying attention to interest rates could help with debt relief

Credit card debt is a common worry for many Louisiana residents. Besides the emotional toll owing debts can create, there can also be significant financial consequences. Knowing all the possible alternatives to relieving debt can help to regain financial stability. Fortunately, those in debt have several options that could aid in debt relief.

Payless to close stores and file for bankruptcy

Many  Louisiana business owners have big aspirations when they start their businesses. While these plans sometimes come to fruition, they may not always last. When a company finds itself losing more money than it is bringing in, owners must make difficult decisions regarding their finances. For many, Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be the best solution. According to recent reports, Payless is planning to soon take this step and file for bankruptcy.


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