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May 2016 Archives

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be the basis of a better financial life

Perhaps of late you have been debating with yourself whether you want to file bankruptcy. This is not an unusual dilemma. Many Louisianans find themselves, through no fault of their own, in a stranglehold of overwhelming debt. And some of these same people come to realize the advantages that bankruptcy offers.

Can creditors take my personal assets if I declare bankruptcy?

Starting a business requires a generous amount of two things: time and money. While some startups strike it rich (Google),Forbes reports that 90% of startups never get off the ground. Sometimes a failed startup can merely sell off its inventory, shut down its website and hand in the office keys. Other times, a company may find itself in dire financial straits. When your company cannot meet payroll, has no way to pay its vendors and has no idea where to get more funds, it may be time consider declaring bankruptcy.


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