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March 2016 Archives

Keeping your house while losing your debt

Imagine being faced with the possibility of losing your home because you cannot pay the mortgage. Furthermore, imagine that it is not entirely your fault that you do not have the funds. It is not always reckless spenders, gamblers and those who choose to consistently live above their means who suffer from these scenarios. It can happen to anyone and for all sorts of reasons. Over 50% of Americans currently find themselves wondering how they're going to pay the mortgage and still keep the lights on.

When Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you start anew

It happens to the best intentioned of people. You find yourself short of cash one month for one reason of another. Perhaps your hours got cut at work, or you got hit with unexpected car repairs. Maybe medical expenses ate away at hard-earned savings. Regardless of the reason, you start paying with plastic, figuring that by next month you'll be able to pay everything off.


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