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TechShop files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Many different factors can contribute to a company's decline in profits and accumulation of debts. When Louisiana owners find their businesses suffering from overwhelming debt, tough financial decisions must be made. Open-access workshop company TechShop recently made the choice to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy may solve debt problems for many

Debt can be a tremendous burden for many individuals in Louisiana and across the country. Whether resulting from overspending with credit cards or unexpected medical expenses, debt can have a significant impact on a person's life. Those fighting this battle may have many different options available to them, from stricter budgeting to bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy may help individuals overcome crushing debt

As Louisiana residents graduate college and begin living on their own, they often soon find their expenses piling up. Between paying rent, utility bills and other living expenses, young adults may quickly find themselves in debt. Some may be able to handle the debt on their own, but others may choose to file for bankruptcy.

Alfred Angelo Bridal files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Louisiana business owners who find their companies struggling financially may have several options to help deal with debt. When facing severe financial trouble, many owners turn to one of the various forms of bankruptcy for assistance. Popular wedding dress retailer Alfred Angelo Bridal recently made the decision to file for Chapter 7.

Would proposed health care bill lead to increase in bankruptcy?

Most Louisiana residents are aware that medical debt is a serious issue that can cause a great deal of stress. For some, financial disaster is just one unexpected illness or injury away. What many people fail to recognize, however, is how quickly financial ruin could come even without a serious medical event. If an individual were to lose his or her health coverage, expenses could quickly skyrocket, and personal bankruptcy could be the only remaining viable option.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy could help those in severe credit card debt

Credit card debt has become a serious problem for many Louisiana residents. While some people are able to deal with it through stricter budgets, others must tackle their financial obligations in other ways. Chapter 7 bankruptcy could be a solution for some individuals who are facing overwhelming financial problems.

Louisiana millennials may benefit from Chapter 7 bankruptcy

A study conducted by the Urban Institute showed that the millennial generation is just as likely, if not more so, to suffer from serious medical debt. This can be an overwhelming situation for many Louisiana residents. Fortunately, there could be several options available to combat the debt, such as filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Will I still have debt after filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an aggressive and effective means of relieving debt. Those who file are able to have various debts discharged; meaning a person no longer has to pay them. This can alleviate much of the anxiety, fear and frustration you are likely feeling if you are buried in debt.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy could help solve financial problems

There are likely many reasons a person may acquire a significant amount of debt, including overspending, the cost of medical treatment or any other host of unforeseen financial emergencies that must be dealt with. While some Louisiana residents may be able to easily pay off these debts, that may not be the case for others. For those who have trouble paying, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the solution.

Bankruptcy could benefit emotional spenders

Spending more money than a budget allows is a problem many Louisiana residents face. In some cases, emotional spending is the culprit. This could mean the spending is to celebrate a happy occasion or to try to lift spirits after a sad or stressful time. When finances get out of hand, those in debt have several alternatives to alleviating that debt, including filing for bankruptcy.


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